The Story

Fly me stories is a social enterprise creating magical adventures for children who are unwell in hospital, hospices and at home. Stories can be an important form of distraction. Each of our special, illustrated stories takes them on an exciting adventure, away from their hospital bed. They travel to beautiful tropical islands and meet different characters, who need their help. Who will they meet on their adventure? It's their choice!







Researchers have found that the brain does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience (or adventure!) and encountering it in real life. This means that a child in hospital, hospice, or at home, who is unable to leave their bed, can feel like they are really flying away on a magical adventure! 

This is the essence of Fly Me Stories!

The Fly Me stories are also empowering as the recipient becomes the hero, helping characters to solve problems. The stories are personalised too, including the child's name and age, so that the child feels extra special.

The stories are also available to buy (see shop) and each story purchased will help to fund one story for a child who is unwell.

In this video Ffion talks to Carolyn Williams about the magical power of stories. 


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