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Special Stories for Special Children

Fly me stories creates magical adventures for children who are

unwell in hospitals, hospices or at home.

Each special, personalised story includes the child's name and 

takes them on an exciting adventure, away from their bed.









Ordering your personalised story is simple



"When you have a poorly child, the smallest gestures mean so much."

"These stories have been perfect...we have been able to snuggle in together and travel to magical worlds."


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Email the title of the story, and your child's name & age to 


Free Digital

Please specify if you would like a digital or print version.

All digital stories are FREE and are sent as print ready Pdf's to your email address.


If you would like a printed copy, please include your postal address in your email. For prints, we ask for a small donation of £3.90 to contribute to production & printing. Please press "donate" or send via Paypal to flymestories@gmail.com.

Child Portrait

The free digital and £3.90 stories are personalised with your child's name and age. If you would also like a portrait of your child in the story, please order in our Etsy shop. 

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