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Submit your stories!

We would like your help to comfort and distract children in hospitals and hospices with the

magic of stories!

Submissions from everyone - no matter what your age - are welcome!

  • If you have a story that could entertain children in hospitals/ hospices, we would love to hear from you.

  • If you are in hospital or a hospice, we would love you to submit your stories too!

Your stories will be made into beautiful online flipbooks for everyone to enjoy!

Submit your story below. If you have illustrations please let us know at the end of your submission - you can email them separately to

We can also accept submissions as a pdf, word document, or JPEG photographs via our email.

You can include illustrations in the pdf!

Notebook and Pencil


  • Please try to keep your story under 2000 words.

  • Your story can be on any theme - you just need to make sure it is child-friendly! 

  • As children will be reading the stories in hospital, please steer away from topics about illness.

  • Illustrations are welcome but your story does not need to be illustrated!

  • Everyone, whatever your age, is welcome to submit a story!


Thanks for submitting!

Our Christmas Joke Book!

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to our Christmas Joke Book including Worplesdon Primary in Guildford, Grange Primary in Swansea and Hafod Primary in Swansea! 


Every hospital who received a book loved all of your amazing jokes and pictures!

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