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Sunday Blog from Joanna!

Hello! It's Joanna from Busy Life with my weekly “Fly Me Stories” blog post. "Fly Me Stories" is a social enterprise writing FREE to download personalised stories for children who are in hospital. I think this is a fabulous idea and I hope you do too. You can also get a print version for just £3.

I’ve been blogging for “Fly Me Stories” for four months now. So, I’ve been thinking about what I love the most about these wonderful stories. There’s so many different things but my top 5 are:

1) You can choose from so many different stories. Dragons, gnomes, sprites, and magic to name a few.

2) The beautiful illustrations. Have you seen the new ones? I love them!

3) They are free to download; making them accessible to all.

4) The central character is the child who is reading it.

5) Most of all, I love the smiles “Fly Me Stories” bring to a child’s face.

"Fly Me Stories" is a great way for a child to escape their hospital bed if only for a few minutes. They can go off on their very own adventure as often as they like. All they need to do is re-read their "Fly Me Story!" You also get a crossword and a word search too!

If you know a child whose in hospital at the moment, who would love a story, contact "Fly Me Stories" today!

Next week I'll be blogging more about "Fly Me Stories". In the meantime, please, share this blog post on social media so as many children as possible can receive a magical story to brighten their day.


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