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Sunday Blog!

Hi! I'm Joanna the @flyemstories blogger! For anyone whose new to reading my blog, "Fly Me Stories" is a social enterprise writing FREE to download personalised stories for children who are in hospital. They days can seem very long in hospital. A story can really help to make the day move that little bit faster. If you would like a print version, you can get one of these too, for a small charge of £3, just to cover postage.

This week, is Children's Mental Health Week. Fly me stories would like you to write a superhero diary and make sure the nice stories we tell ourselves stick, like glue, in our brains! What a great way to celebrate and support the mental health of our beautiful children.

Just go to the @flymestories Instagram page, and download their template. You can use the template to draw yourself as a superhero and then every day, write down a nice thing that you did (however small!) If I was a superhero I'd have to have a cape; how else would I fly?! By the end of the week have a look back at how AMAZING you are. I'm super excited to read your superhero diaries!

Next week I'll be blogging more about "Fly Me Stories". In the meantime, please, share this blog post on social media so as many children as possible can receive a magical story to brighten their day.

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