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Blog by Dr Joanna Baker-Rogers​ from Busy Life Ltd

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post for "Fly Me Stories". "Fly Me Stories" is a social enterprise producing personalised stories for children who are in hospital. They recognise the power of stories to comfort and distract, so that the child can go on an exciting adventure, whilst sitting in their hospital bed. 

When I was invited to be a volunteer blogger; I jumped at the chance. I can't think of a better way to cheer a child's day, who is in hospital and really not feeling very well. I have always loved stories. I love getting lost in a good story. I think it would be even better to get lost in a story that features me! This is exactly what "Fly Me Stories" do.

I've had a browse of their website and I love it. They have a page dedicated to "Fly Me Stories". All their stories are magical and just perfect for a child in hospital to enjoy. Now comes the really great part! The service is free to use. Parents just need to email their child's name to "Fly Me Stories" and they will work their magic. Very soon a personalised story will be sent back to them to share with their child. That's when the magic really begins!

I'll be posting again next week. In the meantime, leave a comment if you've had a story from "Fly Me Stories" or if you would like one writing for a child in hospital that you know. Oh, and if you have a minute, please, share this blog on Facebook and Twitter so that even more children in hospital can receive a magical "Fly Me Story".


Dr Joanna Baker-Rogers​ Director, Busy Life Ltd Follow me on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Pinterest @Busylifeandme  Instagram @Busylifestore 

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